What Is Your Superpower?

This past year I have been contemplating what I can offer the world. Almost everyone ponders this at some point in life. Why do we feel this need to give of ourselves? When is the moment that we must?

It is definitely not when we are young. Childhood is filled with care from others. Food, shelter, love and attention are just the basics of our needs. Of course, that’s to be expected. We are very needy in our youth ( a bit self-centered, and a hand full of mischief ). Yet, those who love us, give unconditionally. This love stays with us, and eventually triggers a need to return that love.

We grow a little older, a little wiser, and are capable of sustaining ourselves. Is this the time we seek to give back to the world that nurtured us? Not yet. Something is still missing. We do not yet know what to give. First we must acknowledge and understand all that surrounds us, and discover who we are; our meaning, our purpose, our place and what we all can do to inspire, to thrive, to hope and to share our Light. The journey that has brought us here today should inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

I have been blessed with many things on my journey: classical musician, journalist, TV producer, photographer and traveler. These have all been wonderful experiences, and brought a love and appreciation of life, but they haven’t completely fulfilled my passion…to share and give.

What can I offer the world?

This was on my mind when I read Pat Flynn’s book Will It Fly. I followed his instruction to ask the following question to close friends:

To those of you who know me fairly well, what do you think my “super power” is?

Seconds after sending, my first response glowingly appeared from former supermodel and friend, Barb Young: “Beauty,” it read. “You possess beauty, you capture beauty, and you are beauty.”

More and more answers came with words of beauty, grace, style, influence, energy, ambition, vision and kindness. I was so inspired by what my dear friends saw in me. I was ready to offer my unique gifts to the world.

Though beauty is boundless in its expressive forms, fashion is threaded through me. Clothing has transformative powers. It brings the inner person outside for all to see. Like a superhero once disguised in a secret identity, fashion brings to light the inner superpower of Creating Beauty.

I started designing dresses for myself a few years ago. Frustrated with the fit of clothing off-the-rack and with the expense of custom and altered dresses, I began to learn dress-making from fashion designer, James Tarantino ( my now business partner, read his bio here ).  As I started to wear solely my own designs, women approached me on the streets, at parties and in shops asking, “what’s the label of your dress?” and “where can I get a dress like yours?” I felt somewhat displaced and something unexplainable struggling within, unaware how to help them find what they desired. Now I can.

For nine months James and I have been working tirelessly and passionately on my first dress collection. And yes, as in anything in life, there have been several moments that have challenged, frustrated, exhausted, and pushed us working and reworking our designs, and our fabrications to where we now are...finally ready to share these creations with great pride! 

I have discovered my “superpower” to empower women through beauty I imagine and create. The positive energy I weave into every design will help uncover and unfold your own unique super power, that enchanting woman within adorning these feminine and beautiful dresses created with you in mind. Imagine what you can achieve as your best self.

What is your superpower? Do you know? Perhaps you haven’t a clue, but I promise it is there within your reach. Do what I did, and ask this question to ten of your closest friends:

To those of you who know me fairly well, what do you think my “super power” is?

Share your superpower with us by commenting below! 👇🏻

Xoxo, Jasmine


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  • Patricia Beltran : November 14, 2016

    Hello Beauty Jasmin
    I really love to read and read what you wrote here … And I guess is very positive and make me feel good inside of me … Is the power of your words or the passion how you describes your creation … Or.. Both
    When I use your dress I will remember your beautiful concepts of the beauty and I will drop this kind of comments about me " you has not body for dress" lol " be realistic" lol…
    Yes I am realistic but I love this dresses and will have the power to feel me good and look great!!
    Ps…..my English ,sorry

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