The Butterflies

I have found no other symbol of transformation as powerful or appropriate as the butterfly. A caterpillar, a creature of the earth, actually has four life cycles, and each stage has its own goal…to evolve and transform into its divine beauty. 

As a caterpillar enters its third stage of life, she spins a sheath called a chrysalis around herself to shelter and protect her during this metamorphosis. Her cocoon is safe, warm and nurturing. It is a place of contentment, but it is also impairment. Sooner or later, all beings must break free of its seductive safety in order to fly. As she begins to emerge from her cocoon, her wings spread and open, her vision is tested, and as nature designed…she engages in flight, and the warmth of contentment of her cocoon fades into memory. It is replaced with a new sense of empowerment with the magic of enlightenment. She is free once again, reborn to this new and beautiful life to live and love, to trust and believe, to hope and dream without fear...floating on a cloud of infinite possibilities.

This is why I chose butterflies for my first collection. Not only because they are so exquisite and beautiful, but they are a symbol of achievement and courage. To me, a butterfly represents transformation, beauty, femininity, power, grace, transcendence, and everything that holds value and worth in this world in which we all exist. I want to share this very special collection that I have created with you, for you, to empower you to feel, to see, to hope, to dream, and believe in your own worth, your own beauty, and your endless ability to transform everyday.

Let no one clip your wings! 



The Caparina - Circular Fitted Bodice Dress with floral and butterfly print

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